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A sound mind in a sound body, is our motto.We dedicate ourselves to the noble cause of education
Principal's Desk
"Quality is our aim and mission;
Perfection is what we search for,
Hard work is our motto,
The making of a whole- some entity,
Is what we are for"
Dear Readers,
Quality people are not a matter of chance. A constant and conscious effort has to go in for grooming them. An educational institution is morally bound to mould young minds and evolve them to excel in different fields of life. Commitment, positive outlook, leadership abilities and fine thinking are a few of the essential qualities that should be inculcated in the citizens of tomorrow.
It is not only Academic excellence our prime aim, but also a value- based education that leads to total empowerment over self as well as the globe around. The school is always on the lookout of catering opportunities for the students of all age groups to grow intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.
The mantra for success is 'Evolve' and the school tries to be a trend- setter by adapting to changing educational scenario.
Let noble thoughts come to us from every side and noble work lead us to enviable heights.
Ms Hemant Kachhawa
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