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A sound mind in a sound body, is our motto.We dedicate ourselves to the noble cause of education
Founder Principal
In 1961, the founder Principal of Children's Academy, Mrs. Myrtle J Singh started this school with a dream in her eyes. She had the grit and determination to move ahead. Her qualities of head and heart took little time to show up her multi dimensional, many splendoured and many facet personality. Obstacles vanished on their own in front of a steady glare and unfaultering steps. Thus rose an edifice which was in future years to become a towering roof sheltering many a seeker of knowledge.
Children's Academy that had a humble beginning with just 3 students now caters quality education to thousands. The dream has blossomed into a glorious reality; the sapling has turned into a sturdy tree, the branches of which are spreading out to encompass a wonderful future.
40 years of untiring dedication, hard work and perseverance carved out a niche for her in the sphere of Education in Rajasthan. There were thorns on the way and roses too. The roses bloomed in the form of accolades and awards. Mrs. M. Singh was honoured and recognized by various prestigious agencies. She received the Teachers Award from the hands of his excellency, Mr. Bali Ram Bhagat, the then Governor of Rajasthan, the Parents-Teachers Association of India award in Delhi at the hands of Prof. Yashpal. She was honoured by the Rotary Club and the Lions Club for more then once. But the award she valued most was the love and respect her students had for her.
Behind her sober and serene looks hid, her charming and dignified manners, her amiable and amicable nature as also a soft, kind and helpful heart. Today we can say with our head high that Children's Academy if not the best; is one of the prestigious and popular schools of Jaipur and this would have not been possible without the dint of her labour, nursing and nurturing of her sapling; rearing and transforming it into blossoming tree.
She will be remembered and cherished in the hearts of all until the sunshine. Our hats off to her !
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