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A sound mind in a sound body, is our motto.We dedicate ourselves to the noble cause of education
Development of Life Skills
The educational pedagogy for the young combines Montessori with the Waldorf method andHoward Gardener's Multiple Intelligence Theory creating environment for conducive learning. We provide for:
  • Fine Art up to +2 Level
  • Craft
  • Language Lab
  • Mathematics Lab
  • Classroom for Information Technology
  • Workshops on Public Speaking
  • Clubs
(i) Interact Club
(ii) Nature Pals
(iii) Derozio
(iv) Shrishti
(v) Science Club
  Exposure to International Programmes/Competitions
(i) Odyssey
(ii) Celesta
(iii) Expo
(iv) SAARC International
(vii) ICQCCA
  Exposure to National Programmes/Competitions
(i) Sports & Games Organized by Association of ISC Schools of India.
(ii) Frank Anthony Debate Competition Organized by CISCE
(iii) Albert Barrow Essay Writing Competition organized by CISCE.
(iv) Inter School Quiz Organized by ASISC.
  Exposure to Inter School City Level Competitions
(i) Debate, Declamation & Group Discussions.
(ii) Quiz
(iii) Music.
(iv) Dance
(v) Enactment/Cherography
(vi) Power Point Presentation
(vii) Art & Craft
(viii) Poster Making, Rangoli & Mehendi
(ix) Martial Art
(x) Street Shows
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